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xdespisedkidx, LPMaskMan, SHunor666

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Trade list of xdespisedkidx, LPMaskMan and SHunor666.
Full list of xdespisedkidx and excerpt from LPMaskMan's collection.
LPMaskMan's full list including audios can be downloaded here in Excel format: LPMASKMAN'S FULL LIST


Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals - 2020.07.31. Budapest, Hungary, Barba Negra Track [LPMaskMan]

Epica - 2021.03.10. Budapest, Hungary, Barba Negra Music Club [LPMaskMan]

Beyond The Black, Amaranthe(?) - 2021.05.05. Budapest, Hungary, Barba Negra Music Club [LPMaskMan]

Korn - 2021.06.03. Budapest, Hungary, Papp László Budapest Sportaréna[LPMaskMan, xdespisedkidx?](?)

Deftones - 2021.06.25. Budapest, Hungary, Budapest Park [LPMaskMan]

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